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Toddler Play Yard

If you have kids, then you know how it is to watch them while they are babies and toddlers...especially around the age of two years old!


They are all over, growing, developing...and they are into everything!


If your kids are wearing you thin as you try to keep up with them (which, by the way, seems impossible!), then you might need to think about a backup plan.


A toddler play yard is the perfect way to keep tabs on your special little ones while still allowing them the freedom they need to roam, and still giving you time to sit down and regain some energy!


You can put all of your infants' baby-safe toys right into the play yard, and he/she will be content for hours because they can roam around at will, and you will not need to worry about them getting into dangerous things around the house, falling down stairs, or other dangers related to roaming freely around the house.



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A toddler play yard (often also called either a baby play yard or infant play yard, or sometimes even a playpen) is perfect for any child who likes to be free, and perfect for any parent who wants to keep their independent baby safe!


If you are shopping for a toddler or baby play yard, then here are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, you should measure the size of the area available for the toddler play yard so that you know what size to order.


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Some play yards have detachable panels for customizing the size, but why order a bigger baby play yard than needed? This would be an extra cost, and is not necessarily going to be used… so why spend the money?


Some ideal places for play yards toddlers include the living room, the office, the bedroom, or even outside if you buy a toddler play yard that is appropriate for this setting; lots of options are shown in the video below. These things are great at the office if you have your own business, or are able to take your baby to work with you.



This is often not the case, but for the lucky parents who have this option, a baby play yard can keep your little infant out of danger and in your view at all times! 


There are several brands available for toddler play yards, such as Friendly Toys and North States, and in this case, it is a good idea to go with a brand that you trust. This is because, first of all, these things will wear out easily if they are not built tough.



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Also, because it is what will come between your infant and a high-quality play yard or playpen is a must! It will be safer, provide you with more peace of mind, and will be appreciated by your baby...even if it costs a little more, it is worth it.


As far as price goes, these toddler and baby play yards range from fairly inexpensive ($50ish range) to downright tough to afford ($100's+)...but a good middle of the line product from a company that you trust will take you a long way in this department....and besides, it only has to last you a little while, because you cannot use a toddler play yard forever....unless you plan on having more kids!



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